Pilot of Glean Team Initiative: A Bountiful Success

This summer, Backyard to Table worked with volunteers and members of the Rhinebeck Community Garden to coordinate a community gleaning program. Backyard and community gardeners were invited to schedule the Glean Team to come in and harvest from their gardens while they were away on vacation. Over 450 pounds of produce was harvested and donated to the local food pantry throughout July and August, from early season strawberries to late summer tomatoes.

The program was a great success not only for the recipients of the food but an appreciated service from the garden owners as well. “It’s a win-win,” said community gardener, Cecily. “Not only is the produce delicious and healthy for the food bank clients but creates fresh shoots in our garden as well.”

We look forward to continuing the program next summer so stay tuned for way to pitch in. We’ll be looking for volunteer gleaners as well as gardens to glean!