We believe that many of the social and environmental ailments impacting us today stem from society’s lack of connection to the natural world. Our goal is to inspire our mid-Hudson Valley community to understand and foster the interwoven relationship between our land, its inhabitants and ourselves through food gardens and regenerative practices. In the face of climate change, we have to rethink our reliance on industrial large-scale farming. Now, more than ever, it is imperative to nurture local food production. We hope to do this by educating our community on sustainable and regenerative growing practices that will benefit nature and all those within her bounds.

Education compels right action and that experiential learning has the most resonant impact. Understanding the intricate web of life necessary to grow healthful food, from micronutrients in the soil to pollinators on the wing to the farmers who tend and harvest the crops, is key to becoming responsible stewards of our environment. To that end, we offer workshops, demonstrations and garden-builds to assist anyone interested in growing food-bearing gardens, even in small plots or pots. We show how to build a raised garden, explain why microbial life in the soil is so important and how to enhance it. We show how to create pollinator habitat to help plants set fruit, and how to save seeds for next year’s garden and gain another measure of self-sufficiency. The garden-builds create collaborative opportunities for community members who share their time, expertise and labor with one another. Our staff is available for ongoing support throughout the year.

To further grow the sustainable word, Backyard to Table sponsors the Rhinecliff Sustainability Series, offering speakers and presentations that focus on how best to conserve, preserve and otherwise support our natural environment. We believe action-oriented education is the seed of sustainable change.