We love broadcasting the word (sustainability!) as much as we love broadcasting our garden seeds. Collaborating with the Morton Memorial Library (in Rhinecliff, like us), and we invite leaders in assorted earth-friendly fields to present their ideas and expertise, monthly at the library’s Morton Hall.

Our speakers have covered the ins and outs of permaculture, pollinator-friendly gardens, eco-minded investing, and all types of nature-sustaining topics. Be sure you’re on our email list and we’ll send notices of upcoming events. 

Check out a selection of previous presentations available from the Backyard to Table YouTube channel! 

Past Presentations

The GLEAN Team

Have you got too much to handle? Too many berries, tomatoes, apples, stone fruits, veggies or herbs-gone-wild you can possibly consume? Or maybe you’re just too dang tired to handle the harvest. Glean Team to the rescue! Our volunteers will come to your place to pick or snip whatever produce you can’t use—aka, we’ll glean. We’ll donate the whole shebang to a local food pantry—choose your favorite or leave it to us. This is a free service. We love making fresh food available to deserving neighbors.

Join Us!

We’re always looking for volunteers on the Glean Team. A better bunch of produce handlers you’ll never find—we promise a fun and rewarding time. For more info on having your garden gleaned or volunteering with the Glean Team contact 


Sometimes you have to take it outside. Backyard to Table offers seasonal workshops and field trips focused on enlightened gardening (ever grown mushrooms in coffee grounds?), natural marvels, and all manner of practical and esoteric ways to interact with Mother Earth—Gaia—to create resiliency for all of us. Our get-togethers are virtual for the time being (hello, Corona), but still tons of fun. Make sure you’re on our email list so we can keep you posted on upcoming excursions.

Pollinator Initiative

Humans are flunking when it comes to stewardship of Mother Earth. Industrial farming, monocropping, pesticide use—oof. We’ve got to stop obliterating her—and our—delicate ecosystems. Pollinators—the birds, bees, butterflies, moths and other creatures who make our plants and trees grow and clean our water and air are our first line defenders and they’re in dire straits. Pollinate Now! provides the education and wherewithal to galvanize individuals, communities and governments to protect and support pollinators and their critical work. We can show you, through workshops and initiatives, how to treat pollinators right, from growing the plants they love (you’ll want to get on our pollinator pathway map!) to building species-specific homes. Be sure to sign up for our email list to keep up-to-date on our activities.

“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.” ― Albert Einstein 


We’ll Turn Your Thumbs Green! Not quite sure how to make a garden grow in the space you’ve got? Give us the job! Whether you’ve got pots or plots to work with, our experienced team can guide you from dirt and compost through seeds and plugs (those itty bitty plants). And of course we’ll show you how to how to care for your new fruits, veggies and flowers.

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